Salt Shaker – 17

When exams came, Ethan aced them.  His spring break study was brilliant. He had never done so well before.

At the end of exams there was the Prom.  He and his mates had long decided that they were not going.  Instead they were  having a Pool Prom.

Ethan and his crew had worked out the details.  How they’d each contribute a certain amount of money to pay for the refreshments.  The Party would be at Stan’s house where there was the pool.  They’d have a barbecue,  beers,  play music,  just fun.

As the date of the Prom moved closer  Shauna confronted Ethan;  

“Aren’t you going to ask me to the Prom?”

Ethan realised she didn’t know about the Pool Prom.  With bubbling excitement he told her, going into details.   He even explained why they’d made the decision way back in January.

Shauna listened, smiled at the right moments, then, when he had finished speaking she  said she wanted to go to the Prom.

“Well, you go…”  Ethan tossed.  

Maybe if there hadn’t been the grandmother thing or the absent spring break he’d be flexible.  But he wasn’t flexing.


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Written by jaylar

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