Running – Jayne – 3

Acting as if  she were in no hurry,  Jayne told George;  “Be right back!” and went out with the shopping cart.  She went along the road, to the laundromat,   pulled her bag out of the cart, and went off.

She got to the bus station, and bought a ticket.

Jayne had calculated how much money she should have, and how much she ought spend on travel  She bought a  ticket for a bus leaving now.

She had researched certain cities,  each had a women’s shelter.

Not knowing when she’d escape, Jayne wouldn’t know where she was going until she reached the station.

As she climbed aboard she felt like a prisoner escaping the police.  

The longest moments was waiting for the engine to engage.   Then as the miles churned by she felt  freer.  She felt there was light.

When the bus arrived, she checked the address in the phone book, then made her way.

She gave them her true story.


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Written by jaylar

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