Running Away – Molly – 6

As Molly, (using the name Jane Taylor), disboarded the bus, she went to a room at a cheap motel she had booked on line and paid for a week.  She hung up her few pieces of clothing, took a shower, went to bed.

In the morning Jane Taylor went to work.  

Happy, young Jane Taylor with her dark hair and bright eyes, with her makeup artfully applied, without a care in the world, went to work.

At the end of the week she had rented a furnished flat near her job in the name of Jane Taylor.

Over time she made friends with everyone, acting as she imagined Jane would have.

She excreted Miserable Molly and wiped her mind clean of her mother, her sister, everyone.

She wrote an ‘autobiography’  as Jane, putting in all sorts of great adventures, events and wonderful loving people who filled Jane’s life.

For the first in two decades she was happy.   She had a life.

And she didn’t feel guilt.



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