Running Away – Jayne – 2

It wasn’t easy for Jayne to store money, they barely made enough to cover  the bills.

Usually George would pay the bills.   It was he who held every cent and he would spent it.  However, today George was’t feeling well;   (It could be the sprinkle of rat poison she put on his oat meal.)  As a one off emergency, George gave Jayne the money and bills.

She knew today was the day.   This day was the day to get away.

She told George she’d pay the bills then stop at the laundromat.

He nodded, ran into the bathroom to throw up.  

She  raced to the side closet,  dug up all her hidden cash,  grabbed her run bag and got it into the cart that held the dirty sheets.  

With the cart by the door, invisible from the bathroom, Amelia helped George  back to bed.   She went into the bathroom as if to check it was tidy   but actually to  get into the cupboard  under the sink to get all the money she had hidden in her sanitary napkin bag.

This was it.

The chance.


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