Running Away – Errol – 3

Errol worked all day, big smile on his face, so nice everyone loved him.

He didn’t think about all the bills he left behind, about his wife or child or all those he had let down.

For Errol, everyone, everything was like a dream he had last night.   

There was a way he had that one could call ‘mindful’  but was simply the way a scammer got over;  that is focus on those you intend to rip off.   See your target, hear between the words, and once you got what you wanted, be gone, leaving no traceable bit behind.

As he left work he asked his boss about cheap places to rent and was taken to a spare room a friend had.  

Big smile, easy going, Errol got it all.  He was even invited to dinner by the bosses friend.

Great company he was, and then, when it was time to turn in, he went to his bed and lay down.

Errol decided he’d stick for a time, find a gal who’d fall in love with him… one who had her own place.  He’d stay with her, save his money, see what came next.



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Written by jaylar

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