Rereading Nineteen Eighty Four – Part II – 1

In this Chapter Winston encounters the ‘dark haired girl’.   She has her arm in a sling and falls as she nears him.   He doesn’t know what to do.  So unaccustomed to human interaction, so slow reactions, she falls, he doesn’t catch her.

As she sits on the floor he finally speaks to her, helps her up.   She slips a piece of paper into his hand.

Winston is afraid.

He thinks the worst possible thoughts.   He is afraid to read the note in the bathroom, afraid to immediately read it at his desk.  So conscious he is being monitored at all times,  he  acts as if nothing happened, puts it on his desk among other documents, and begins work..

Finally he opens it;  “I love you” it says.

Due to the constant surveillance, the dangers, it takes a week for Winston to encounter the girl.  They speak in clipped words and arrange to meet.

It is to appear that they are just on the same crowded road.  

They are together when War Prisoners are being driven through the street, and the crowd allows them to stand close together.  She gives him instructions of where they can meet, and he listens, and then they hold hands; hidden in the crowd.

Afraid to look at each other, to notice each other, they stand.


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Written by jaylar

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