Reorganizing my plans…

Monday, 10.4.21

I woke up early. At 8am, I called the American Tire Depot in my neighborhood to ask them questions. The man stated the place is always very busy, and he would need to see my tires to make estimates. They don’t have anyone to tow my car to the tire shop. So, I would have to call AAA again, and tell them to take my car to this local tire shop. I am not sure how long it would take because there will likely be a queue, although he said it takes usually one hour to fix tire issues. And, I have two flat tires on the right side. 

I decided to do it tomorrow morning, since I have this seminar that I want to check out at around 4 pm this afternoon, which is nearby. I can use my old MX-3, which I mostly use for errands and some meetups. 

I turned on the computer, and I couldn’t get on Facebook. It had issues, media glitches, or maybe this is the start of the social media blackouts. 


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