Regaining Himself – 9

What Donna was seeing in Arthur was a reliable decent gentleman that would treat her as a girl friend, not a hook up.

It was not that she was in love with him or wanted to marry him.  It was that she wanted a calm, peaceful relationship with a man who respected her.

Donna was not planning to put down roots in this city, but she she didn’t want to be bouncing from man to man, waking up beside someone whose name she didn’t know.

Arthur would be her ‘standard’ and if she met someone better, okay.  But the new someone had to be a lot better, offer a lot more.

Arthur was confused and let Donna drag him to the restaurant.  

She was discussing the various dishes that were served but he couldn’t hear a word.

He had given up on Donna, thought he had performed so badly she never wanted to see him again.

He took her explanation without scrutinising it because he wanted to be with her.


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Written by jaylar

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