Regaining Himself – 8

Donna looked for Arthur at the office, found him, but needed the right moment to approach. She couldn’t just walk up to him and invite him to dinner, she had to speak with him in a certain way, certain time, certain mood.

It wasn’t until they were in the elevator alone that she turned to him;”Arthur, let me apologise…”

Her approach and words took Arthur by surprise;  “For what?”  he asked. “I really wanted to go to dinner with you, but I had a date and felt it would be too insulting to bail at the last minute.  I should of.  I spent the evening thinking of you, and just left and went home.”

Arthur looked at her as if he had forgot his name.  Instinctively Donna realised that he had little experience.    No woman who was as attractive as she had ever shown interest in Arthur.

“Can I take you to lunch?”  she asked sweetly.

Arthur continued to stare at Donna, she continued to smile.  The elevator reached the lobby.  Donna linked her arm with his and virtually dragged him


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Written by jaylar

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