Regaining Himself – 5

Arthur was at the function as was Donna and somehow they were together and somehow he drove her home. Somehow he was in bed with her, filled with endless joy, because he loved her.

He held her all night, wanting this to go on forever, catching only bits of sleep because he didn’t want to miss a single moment.

In the morning when she woke, she told him to leave.  

Arthur tried to understand why she wanted him to go, and Donna, realising he wasn’t the standard one night stand, said she didn’t want the people at work to start gossiping.

Arthur took a quick shower, dressed, and was gone.

He drove to the office, exhausted but happy.  

When Donna arrived she behaved as if nothing happened.   Arthur went along, and towards the end of the work day invited her to dinner.

She said she had other plans, and left.

Arthur was shattered.


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Written by jaylar

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