Regaining Himself – 4

Donna was one of those live in the moment people.   She could get drunk and go home with whomever, wake up, leave and it was like nothing happened.

Once and a while she might find herself attracted to a man and make the relationship more than a one off, but she was not looking for marriage or permanence.

Donna lived her life as a tourist, visiting the various ‘sites’ and enjoying the various ‘attractions’.

She had come to this city, to this office, to this job, and would be here for an unspecified time.

It was not that Donna intended to settle here, it was not that the job was that important, it was being here now.

Next year she could be a thousand miles away or across the street.   Next year she could take a totally different job or continue with this one.  There was no permanency.  

Unlike others who ‘carve’ a life here or there, Donna was carving nothing. She was floating, enjoying the float.


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Written by jaylar

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