Regaining Himself – 13

Arthur had not the slightest clue,  until Monday Morning, that his beloved Donna,  the woman he wanted to marry, was deep in an affair with another man.   With the tall handsome, Devon.

Monday morning when Donna, (whom he thought had gone to visit her family)  arrived at work with Devon, arms around each other,  smiling and laughing.   

An atomic bomb went off in Arthur’s heart.

He stood there, unseen, while they kissed and hugged, whispered and laughed.  If he had been asked his name, he could not have answered.  

He moved from the lobby into the bathroom to cry.

How could this be?   Donna and Devon know he works here,  they work in the same place.  Why?  How?  

Arthur was late reaching his desk that day, because he couldn’t gain control for quite awhile.


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Written by jaylar

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