Regaining Himself – 11

Arthur felt blessed.   He accepted Donna’s reasons because he wanted to.

Maybe if he had more experience or was suspicious he would see that certain pieces didn’t match.  But he preferred to believe that she had reacted because of…

instead of the Truth.

Arthur had gone into a dark place when Donna treated him as an annoyance, but told himself that she didn’t want them to be seen together to avoid gossip.

He believed that she turned him down for dinner because she had sadly made other plans and felt it would be wrong to hurt another person’s feeling by shunning them at the last moment.

In a great mood, he completed the day, took Donna to pick up dinner, went to her flat, ate, began to watch a movie, then wound up in bed.

Arthur was never so happy before.

He lay with her, then, got dressed and went home, to avoid ‘gossip’.

At work, the next day, Donna was warm and plans were made for that evening.

As Donna ‘had’ to visit her family on the weekend, his weekend was full of all the chores he hadn’t done during the week days.

The pattern became Arthur going home with Donna on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 


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Written by jaylar

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