Power -13

When you are Behind those Close Doors, you can’t walk out.  You can’t Quit.  You know secrets, you know truth.

For example, you knew, as mentioned in Power – 9 that the reason Mr. Bloat ran for President was to have his company be paid to cater the snacks that came after meetings.

You knew  two dedicated sisters who belonged to the organisation ‘forever’ who would make the snacks, only being reimbursed for the ingredients  would be kicked to the pavement.

Mr. Bloat, who had been a member for a year wanted to be President, not to help the organisation, but to make money.


That is an example of some little nothing club with no body people.

Now translate that into something a bit more powerful.  A bit more lucrative.A bit more nefarious.

If you were a member of a powerful group could you be allowed to simply quit, and walk away with what you knew?


What do you think?


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