Plastic Ruby – 9

Amelia, enthroned at the head table, let her eyes scan the room.  Could it really be forty years?

She never thought she could keep up the charade more than five years, maximum.  Yet she had.  

I was rather too easy.   Joe treated her as royalty.   He didn’t spy on her, didn’t question, didn’t get in her way.

Joe had no idea who she was, what she fancied or had done.

For Forty years  she played the lady, which obscured the truth, her  love affair with a married man.

The affair began when Amelia was seventeen.   It was incredibly passionate.  

Billy was twenty.  

He had married Marva, an older woman,  for her money.  He played the besotted husband but all his affection was spilled on Amelia who gave him her heart.  

Amelia and Billy stole moments, once even an entire days. They spoke of the future, of he being able to escape his wife but they knew it was impossible.


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Written by jaylar

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