Plastic Ruby – 7

After almost a year of marriage Amelia became pregnant.  

Realising he would soon be a father, Joe tried to man up.  Tried  to organise his life to be home more and save money.

Amelia worked until in she entered her ninth month.  Only a week later she gave birth to a baby boy, Tony.   She decided to be a full time mother, at least until Tony went off to school.  With her mother living a few blocks away, Joe didn’t feel worry going off to work, leaving her alone.

When Tony was nine,   Amelia  returned to work part time.

It was only when Tony went off to college that Amelia went to work full time.

Joe retired when he reached sixty five.   Having nothing to do he opened a little business which took up much of his time.

Amelia continued to work for the firm until she reached sixty and retired.  

Both Joe and Ameilia kept close contact with old co-workers, attending private and public functions with them.


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