Plastic Ruby – 6

Joe decided to find some ‘bad’ girls to fool around with and keep Amelia his virgin bride.

With Amelia, he did everything with control as if it were 1900 and he was a gentleman courting a lady.  

He realised she was the perfect wife.  The one he could accompany to all important work functions who would never embarrass him.  She would be the perfect mother for his children.  

They became engaged and a few months later married.

It was a by the book marriage and reception, and they went away on their honeymoon where they made love for the first time.

Joe respected his wife more than any other woman.  

They returned from their honeymoon to live the text book standard marriage.

There were no arguments, no frivolity.  She behaved with decorum at all times, which forced him to do so.  

At least in her presence.


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Written by jaylar

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