Plastic Ruby – 5

During the next month Joe dated every female he saw, going as far as he could with each one of them.  

Monday to Friday at the office, he saw Amelia;  her perfect posture, her polite and careful speech, her pleasant attitude.   It seemed that every where he turned, she was there.

Days, weeks, a month, and after all the women he’d been with, Joe realised that Amelia was different from all.  Those women were frills, Amelia was not.  

The next time he asked Amelia for a date it was to meet his family.  His parents liked her very much.

She invited him to meet her mother when he brought her home. He found an old fashioned lady who was polite and reserved, intelligent.

Joe  left Amelia’s flat at ten, she walked him to the door and hugged him, thanking him for a lovely evening, then stepped back.

He leaned over and kissed her cheek before he left.


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Written by jaylar

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