Plastic Ruby – 4

Joe didn’t fully understand what Amelia meant.  

“Does that mean you don’t see me as a man?”  he asked.

“Don’t be silly, of course I do.  I see you as an attractive respectable gentleman.  I don’t want us to become a…” and she fluttered her hands looking for words, then continued; “I want to be the kind of woman you look at and think about the future, not the kind you think about to fill an empty space.”

If she had shot him with a .38 he wouldn’t have felt more wounded.  He stared at her, seeing the kind of woman who would raise his children.  That is what she was inferring, that kind of serious relationship.

“Aren’t you racing to the end?” he blurted.

“No, I’m taking it very slowly so that there will be no ‘past’ between us if we cease to associate.”

Joe had enough for one day, for one week, for one month. He said he had to go and left her and went back to work.


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Written by jaylar

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