Plastic Ruby – 2

Joe had met Amelia when she was twenty three.   She had come to work for the firm and he found her a quiet decent young lady who didn’t flirt or was emotional.

He had asked her to dinner and she had told him that she would accept, but had to be home at nine as she lived with her mother who would worry.

As a first date, nine was good enough.

He did a lot of talking during that first date, she nodded often, sharing very little.  

When he took her home, as he stopped the car,  she said “Thank you for a wonderful meal. Good Night,” then  took herself out and went up the stairs and into the building where she resided.   Joe drove to a bar he usually frequented.

On Monday he saw Amelia at work and she was a bit friendlier than she had been last week, but not enough to raise an eyebrow.

Joe went out with other women, and didn’t ask Amelia out until three weeks had passed.


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Written by jaylar

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