Plastic Ruby – 10

Amelia, at  the age of seventeen,  enjoyed her affair with a married man.  She found the sneaking around, the feeling of being a some kind of secret agent’ exciting.

 But by the age of twenty one  she realised she needed a cushion. She could not exist as the ‘side piece’ forever  She had to get a full life for herself;. She had to find a man who had some use, marry him, have at least one child.  

As she entered her final year of University she mapped out the wisest course.   To find a job in some firm where Billy’s wife Marva had some connection would be ideal.   In this way she would be in Marva’s circle;  even at a far edge, so that encounters with Billy needed no explanation.

Working in Marva’s ambit, finding a man who worked with or for Marva would be brilliant.

Amelia explained the plan to Billy.  At first he found it dangerous, but then grasped the significance of Amelia’s future husband having some link to his current wife.Billy could envision being at a social occasion with Marva.   There, across the room would be Amelia and her husband. How perfectly innocent!


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Written by jaylar

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