Phoney Ronie – 4 (end)

From the moment Ronie did her ice queen Sharon began the count down because she knew that in time Ronie would realise she had been lied to, would appreciate that she misjudged Sharon,  and then do as she attempted; apologise.

Sharon had told Ronie her ‘Fable’ because she knew that at some point a phoney like her would believe whatever she heard.

Were Ronie ‘real’  and saw and heard reality, if she would meet people and assess instead of relying on her whacko mock ‘spiritual’ rubbish, she would not have jumped from supporter to antagonist in a breath.

But Sharon had judged Ronie as the phoney she was.

Sharon had not wished to  associate with her beyond hi/bye.  She could see this was a  somewhat twisted person who could be expected to go from supporter to hater in a breath.  

It was Ronie who pushed and kept pushing into Sharon’s life.

Ronie’s ‘ spirituality’  and attitude of being in balance with the Universe was, for Sharon,  a swallow from a puke.It was so contrived that Sharon, if she had cared, would have said something, but as Ronie was never more than ‘background’ Sharon never said a word.

Now she should never have to.

For Ronie there was this huge chasm she had to cross to get back Sharon’s friendship.   She thought of gift and invitations,  of what it would take to regain Sharon’s friendship.

She had no idea that Sharon had never been nor would ever be the  friend of a phoney like Ronie.



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Written by jaylar

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