Phoney Ronie – 3

Throughout her life Sharon had been mistaken for others, endowed with all sorts of traits and actions she neither possessed nor accomplished.

Her real friends  might question in private if not dismissing an attack out of hand.

Creatures like Ronie would not.  Persons like Ronie who played the friend should give Sharon the ‘benefit of the doubt’.But she didn’t.

Someone told Ronie something about Sharon.  Whatever it was,  Ronie immediately became cold and distant.

Ronie didn’t ask for Sharon’s side, didn’t try to reason.  She instantly cut Sharon off, became silent and cold because someone told her something which was anti-Sharon.

Not that Sharon minded. Ronie  had been was annoying and  insertive.

This silent Ronie who snuck around with the attitude was better than the underfoot prying one.


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Written by jaylar

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