People Who Can't Do Better – 54

A person who can’t do better will insult you, will behave as if you are encroaching on their ‘space’  when in reality, they are in the way, for in truth, you couldn’t care less if they lived or died.

For example, a person like Jade could be preparing something in the kitchen, exclaiming about the ingredients.  In a normal world you might ask if she was having a dinner party.  

However, If you ask Jade she will not answer or tell you it is none of your business.  Now why make a big fuss over what she is preparing, virtually pulling you into the situation?

Why is she  setting the stage for the asking of an obvious question if she has no intention of answering?

People like Jade can complain about what you use to clean your toilet, or the perfume you wear, or how you open a door.   They have reams of ‘corrections’ ‘grouses’ ‘opinions’ on the tiniest things in your life.

But you,  can not complain about how her cats filth up the place, how she blasts her cartoons in the middle of the night,  how she blocks a door.

It is ‘Jade’s World’.

And in her ‘World’  she has all the power.


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