People Who Can't Do Better – 45

When you must deal with a Person Who Can’t Do Better your base emotion needs to be that kind of silent contempt which is this side of indifference.

YOU ask yourself, do you care what ‘Jade’ thinks about anything?  The answer is no.    

Why would you care what a repulsive narcissistic introvert cares about anything?

When you put it like that, all animosity, annoyance, discomfort fade away.  This is not someone capable of human interaction.  This is not someone you can rely on, this is a horrible creature who others isolate.

People who live with others think of others.  They are accustomed to other people.  People who Can’t Do Better haven’t lived among people for years, maybe since birth.

Whether their parents were cold, or they hated their parents for not buying them a talking teddy bear, or more likely were hard core scammers who raised their child to lie to be deceitful, cold and inconsiderate, is moot.

The Person Who Can’t Do Better is now in your space.  Put them into a bubble of contempt and live around them.


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Written by jaylar

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