People Who Can't Do Better – 34

People Who Can’t Do Better are likely to go off into  hysterical dramas.  Step back.   

 Let them scream and fling themselves about at some imagined or misinterpreted event. 

They have no self control and like spoiled infants,  can go off in a tantrum at any time.

At some point they might be taken in for care, but as many seem capable of keeping their outbursts behind closed doors or where they won’t be seen, or among those who couldn’t care less, getting the psychiatric care they need is rare.

There is no question that people who can’t do better have serious psychological issues.  When you have to deal with them; co-worker,  neighbour,  even some character you pass on your way to work, never engage in debate.  

Don’t ask questions, because either you’ll be snapped at;  ‘None of Your Business!’  provoke a further episode of tantrum,  or receive another bushel of lies.

Let them have their tantrum.   Get away from them, and ignore it.  


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Written by jaylar

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