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On His Arm – 28

Rachel drove  Isaac home,  in a state of complete confusion.    She was a beautiful woman, men hit on her constantly.   She assumed Isaac had ‘invented’ this  ‘healthy eating’  story to get her to go out with him.

She had heard it all before, and assume it was another  one of those lines.   She’d played along, got a free dress, and went with him to the function on the yacht.

She was surprised that Isaac maintained the ‘healthy eating’  story all the way through, and now that they’d left, and she was driving him home, he still didn’t make a move.   

In fact he spoke about meeting her at the gym on Sunday.  

As she reached his flat, he thanked her, hoped she hadn’t had too bad a time, and left.  No attempt to kiss her or even shake her hand.   

Rachel paused watching Isaac enter his building, then with a confused shake of her head, drove home.


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Written by jaylar

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