On His Arm – 24

Isaac was aware that all those who saw them would see a beautiful woman deep in conversation with him.  No one would know she was discussing his joining a gym, or that the relationship between them didn’t exist.

He kept his face serious, and thought that what Rachel was saying was important.  He should concentrate on getting his body into shape, not just his appearance to others.

By the time they were coming up the ramp he was going to do exactly what Rachel said, and on Sunday, join her at the gym.

As they stepped aboard the yacht, he was greeted by the receptionist who gave him a warm smile, and he said; “Plus One…” and moved quickly into the buffet area. They strode along the deck.  

Everyone was staring, but Rachel didn’t see them.  Deep in her discussion of the value of exercise she focused on what she was saying not the attention of strangers.


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Written by jaylar

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