On His Arm – 22

Rachel asked Issac, again, why he had invited her to the function.  

Taking a breath he explained;

“I am not trying to be a problem.  I just want you to come and be with me at the buffet, make sure I pick out the smart alternatives.  You’ve been very helpful with my groceries, at the Middle Eastern restaurant… and now I’ll walk around the buffet, you’ll pick out the right things, I’ll eat and won’t have a stomach ache tomorrow morning.”

Rachel shook her head.  Could it be this simple?

Paused at a red light, she gave him a study.

So far, he had been as good as his word.  He hadn’t tried to ‘hit’ on her,  at the supermarket, Smoothie Counter of restaurant.  He went with her to buy a dress and that is all he did.  

He must be on the level.  

She’d give him the benefit of the doubt.


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Written by jaylar

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