On His Arm – 19

The next day  as he arrived at work various people asked Isaac who the girl was.

“What girl?” he replied.

They’d then give their description of Rachel; ‘beautiful’, ‘fabulous’  ‘terrific’,  and he’d reply, “Oh.  Friend of mine…”  Then he would go back to what he was doing or walk away.  

He had predicted this.

He knew that having seen him with Rachel, and his almost yawn response made them wonder who he ‘really’ was.

For the rest of the week, everyone spoke to Isaac, he was invited to eat lunch with all the top people, and everyone asked his opinion on a number of topics.   .

He went from being the Invisible Man to every body’s new best friend.

Although he acted as if there was no change or difference between how he was treated today and how he had been ignored yesterday, Isaac knew  this attention was due to his appearance with Rachel.

The deduction was that if he could attract Rachel then he had to be someone.


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Written by jaylar

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