On His Arm – 17

That evening, Rachel did pick up Isaac.   A number of his co-workers saw this beautiful woman call to him, saw him walk over and get into her car, and drive away.

Isaac pretended he didn’t see the stares and hear the questions as he slid in, and  Rachel drove him to the dress shop.   

She had decided she wanted something really good.  Price was not important.  For once she wanted that killer outfit.

Isaac wasn’t concerned, he didn’t look at prices or make any selections.  It was all Rachel. She modeled various outfits, and made up her mind.  Isaac handed  over his credit card without a pause to pay for the dress. 

Everyone in the shop asked, “Who is that guy?”

Here was a man, obviously rich, along with a gorgeous woman.  Who was he?

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Written by jaylar

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