On His Arm – 13

Isaac couldn’t sleep, was confused, got up early, picked out various outfits, finally made his decision and went to work.  He snuck out at 11:40 to give him time to reach the restaurant, find a good place to sit, look at the menu.

He had never been so nervous in his life.

At noon, Rachel wasn’t there.   Five minutes, ten, fifteen… Isaac was ready to cry when she suddenly appeared.

“Sorry I’m late…did you order?”

He just looked at her like a sick puppy and shook his head.

“Do you know what to order?”

He shook his head.

She went over the various dishes, and he just looked at her until she began to act creeped out.

“I’m sorry I’m staring…” Isaac said, “but, to coin a phrase, everything on this menu is Greek to me…”

“Arabic…it’s Arabic…” she laughed.

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Written by jaylar

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