On His Arm – 12

issac wished he’d spent a little time during his high school or college years learning about women;  what they liked, what they didn’t, how to attract them, but it was too late now.

He rose from the couch, almost dropped his groceries, because he forgot he was holding them.

Snapping to here and now, he went into the kitchen, put them away, and drank the left over breakfast coffee that he’d left on the counter.

Somehow tomorrow, at lunch he had to convince Rachel to go with him.

He didn’t want to seem as desperate as he was, he didn’t want to make it seem a shrug.

He needed some honesty… how to say to her…  

“I need you to come with me so that those I work with won’t see me as a pathetic nerd but as someone who could attract a woman.”

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Written by jaylar

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