On His Arm – 10

Isaac was not lying.   He was one of those omnivores who ate when he was hungry whatever came to mouth.

The only reason he wasn’t fat and sick was that he didn’t eat much.  Often forgetting to eat breakfast, skipping lunch, sometimes drinking water to fill his stomach while he worked on a problem.   Often, Isaac didn’t want to stop to eat.    This is why he was skinny.

Rachel  had reached his address.   She stopped the car, turned to him.

“Rachel, I’m really serious.”

“Don’t you think we should have a lunch or a dinner or something first?”

“I’d love to… “

“Okay, look, we can meet for lunch tomorrow.  Where do you work?”

He gave the name of the most prestigious firm in the city.

“Wow!  Really?”

“Yes…where would you like to have lunch?”

“Well, there’s actually a fairly decent Middle East Restaurant about a block from the building…”

“Yes, I’ve passed it…”

“Noon tomorrow?”

“Perfect!”  he said, just sitting there staring at her.

Finally he realised he should get out of her car, and did.

“Wait!”  she called and he spun with overloading joy;   “Your groceries!”  she indicated.

He took his bags, smiled, “Thanks so much, Rachel.”

“Thank you Isaac…” she said and he stood watching her drive away.


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Written by jaylar

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