Oliver's Odyssey – 8

When Oliver and his mother returned home  after she registered him at school, she went into the kitchen.  She prepared a meal.  She told him she was going to sleep, he could watch the television, but keep it down so it wouldn’t wake her.  

Oliver ate, used the bathroom, then sat and watched television.

He watched all day, fascinated, until his step father came home.  As he heard the man using his key, Oliver shut off the television.

The step  father was arguing about something, went to the table, heated the food, served himself.   He made a small plate for his daughter and one for Oliver.

They ate, the step father asked him questions, Oliver answered.  Then his step father turned on the television.

At nine, he sent Oliver to his room and warned him not to turn on the television at night, ever.

Oliver went to the bathroom, then upstairs, to his bed, and to sleep.


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Written by jaylar

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