Oliver's Odyssey – 72

Insane with anger at Wendy’s ‘betrayal’ or ‘disobedience’  or ‘fraud’ Oliver went to the law school, wanting to grab Wendy, beat her to death.

He lurked outside.  

He didn’t see himself as a pudgy unpleasant looking guy but an Adonis, as he had been at sixteen.

He waited and waited, finally he saw Wendy.  Before he could move.  that man he’d seen at Court, that police officer, met her, and they walked to the parking area.

Oliver was purple with rage; but that was a police officer, no doubt could defend himself; probably had a gun.So Oliver just stood  watching his ex-wife get into a car with a man and drive away.

Oliver decided that  man with his wife (ex-wife) has somehow poisoned her mind against him.  The belief that the police officer ‘controlled’ his wife made Oliver feel better.


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Written by jaylar

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