Oliver's Odyssey – 71

‘Law’  was a trigger for Oliver.   He had wanted to be a lawyer.  He felt qualified and capable, although his grades had not granted him the red carpet.   

Oliver was the archetypal Legend in his Own Mind.  

When he left University he joined an unpopular Governmental agency and was sent to an island in the Caribbean.  It was there he met Wendy.

At the time she had been attending University, studying law.

At marriage he demanded she cease.  Because his word was ‘law’   Oliver did not imagine she hadn’t obeyed him.

He didn’t know that when he left for work in the morning, she went to her mother’s house, collected her supplies then to University.

When Wendy had her first child she would carry him to her mother’s house, leave him,  went to class,  returned, did her work at her mother’s house, then carried the child home.

Oliver had no idea that Wendy was not home alone.  Further, when he searched her things he wouldn’t find anything  that revealed her movements.

This is why the abusive Oliver had not the slightest inkling that Wendy had graduated University.  He couldn’t imagine that his stupid wife and scored high enough so that her degree gained her various exemptions.  

 Oliver could not image that Wendy would actually  become an attorney.


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