Oliver's Odyssey – 7

In the morning, Oliver’s mother woke him to enrol him in school.  She  walked fast and didn’t point out various features of the neighbourhood.  

She did call the names of the streets as they walked, and he strove to memorise the path.  Then they entered the school.

They went to the office. His mother did the talking. He was to start tomorrow.  He’d be enrolled in 5 – 11.  It was the only fifth grade class that had space.

Seeing Oliver, somehow grasping his insecurity, the woman in the office led him to the classroom, walking slowly and indicating the various features.

He’d never seen such a big school, walked up so many steps.  Oliver was scared and confused, and his brain hurt from trying to memorise everything.

Fortunately, the lady opened the door, introduced him to the teacher, who introduced him to the class.  The teacher told him that she would select his books and he would get them tomorrow.

After they left the school his mother took him to a shop, bought him two pairs of pants, two shirts, socks, then a pair of shoes.  She gave him the bag to carry his things and they went home.

She spent the walk chatting about how much money she had spent on him.


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