Oliver's Odyssey – 68

Finding Wendy became the focus of Oliver’s life.   He tried to recall where she shopped, but he had always determined this.   The shops were in the neighbourhood where she no longer.

Oliver asked his mother about Wendy.  She told him that she hadn’t seen Wendy nor her grandchildren for two years.

Oliver tried to recall a friend of Wendy’s, but she had none.  

One of his first moves on marriage was to cut her from her family and friends.   He had been successful.

When they came up to America, he never saw Wendy with anyone except his family and kept her on a short leash so it was only when they lived with his Aunt Zel  that she had unsupervised contact.

Oliver had been very successful in segregating Wendy from others, for during the years they had lived in the house he bought, not one person came to see her.

Oliver was out of control.  His frustration had him smash his own cell phone.


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Written by jaylar

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