Oliver's Odyssey – 67

When Oliver learned that his ex-wife had sold the house he paid for, he boiled with anger and hate.   As if a dam broke and all his violence had been packaged and now free, he ran about searching for Wendy.

He forgot about the reason he had been sent to prison, forgot about the restraining order against him.  

Oliver went to the school where he had sent his children, but they had transferred  to another school in another part of the city.  When he went there, he was prevented from gaining access or information.

He stood outside watching, waiting, but his sons were not there.

He looked in the phone book, but there was no listing for his ex-wife.  He searched for her on the Internet, but she was no where.

He didn’t realise she had stopped using his last name and reverted to her maiden one.  It was mentioned in the divorce petition, but he had been too angry to have actually read it.


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Written by jaylar

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