Oliver's Odyssey – 66

Oliver tried to survive,  to live past his prison experiences, his humiliation of having to collect garbage.  Tried to understand how his stupid mouse of a wife could have tricked and bested him.

He couldn’t get his head around that unfair divorce, where he lost everything. 

Oliver searched his memories for a hint of that strong, focused Wendy he had met in Court.   Nothing made sense.

To keep his ego on it’s pedestal, Oliver decided not to think of his ex-wife, of the children he was prevented from seeing, everything that existed before his arrest.  Instead, he focused on his job, on Rudy, on the casual affairs he had with available women.

Tried to return to that Oliver he had been before he left America.   That young, strong, beautiful brilliant man.

Oliver didn’t notice that he wasn’t young and beautiful, and that he had never been as brilliant or strong as he fantasied. Days, weeks, months, and he felt free of his past.

He went to the house he had owned, standing on the roadside, noticed how different it was, and then saw a bunch of strangers moving in and out.

He checked the ownership and learned the house had been sold a year ago.

He was so angry.

He had paid every cent on that mortgage, and Wendy, who knew nothing about real estate ,could sell the house at nearly twice what he paid for it!   And he got NOTHING!


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Written by jaylar

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