Oliver's Odyssey – 65

Once the Divorce was finalised and the Title for the house was in her name alone, Wendy completed the sale she had negotiated months before.

She sold it at a good price and used the money to support her family and  pay her way in Professional School. Without Oliver to imprison her, she was able to get a part time job as a para-legal.

Wendy put a fifth of the money received from the house into a checking account, leaving the  bulk of the  money  received  in a special high interest account.

One of her police friends had a house with a basement apartment. Wendy moved her family there.  The rent was low, and the security high.

For although it should be over, Wendy did not feel safe.  Living in the same house with an armed police officer made her feel better.

The kids were moved to a different and better school and fit in well.  Over time they did very well, making new friends and enjoying life.


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