Oliver's Odyssey – 64

As Oliver left her house, Zel rang her sister, telling her that they couldn’t keep Oliver any longer.  The way she spoke it was as if he were a child, not a man close to forty.

Oliver’s mother was angry that she had to live with him.   When he entered, she berated him.  It didn’t matter, he never respected his her or her opinion anyway.

He went to the room he had occupied when he first came up to America.  

He sat on the bed, looked out the window as he had done those years ago when he found himself alone and unloved in this strange place.

Oliver had no idea that during the months he had been in jail Wendy had moved the family to an apartment, rented out the house and began a law course at University.

To his mind Wendy was a helpless mouse who needed guidance and discipline.

With the restraining order in place and her friendships with police, Oliver would have to stay under the radar.  At least for a time.


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Written by jaylar

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