Oliver's Odyssey – 57

The first nights after Oliver’s arrest, Wendy would wake up in terror, thinking she didn’t push in a chair, or unplug the television,  As she was rising, she would suddenly realise that Oliver was not there.

It was obvious the house was the problem.  She felt Oliver’s evil presence in every corner.  She could smell him.

The best idea was to move the family to a flat and rent out the house at good value and Wendy acted with alacrity.  Making it seem an adventure she and the kids moved to comfortable apartment where Oliver had never been.

With the move of body also came mind.  

Her counsellors told her to go over every step of the abuse so as to understand how it happened and why it happened.

It was not and had never been her fault.  

She had never ‘made’ Oliver beat her.   He had set traps so that he would have an excuse.


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Written by jaylar

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