Oliver's Odyssey – 53

When the Police took Oliver out of the house,  Wendy never felt so ‘scattered’.  She had been advised she would feel this way.

Victim Wendy who ‘loved’ her ‘wonderful husband’ would conflict with confident Wendy who had was aware she had confused subjugation with love, tormentor with husband.

The eldest child, Dominic was happy, as were the other boys, who were old enough to have felt his vicious beatings, insults, and had lived in fear.

Her police friends called and told her that Oliver was in a cell, would spend the weekend there, and she was safe.

The next day, Corporal Donna Mayer came to give her support and talk her through the next steps, including the restraining order which would keep Oliver from Wendy and the family.

Donna stayed to baby sit  when Wendy went to a counselling meeting of abused wives.

As the days passed, Wendy and her lawyer rehearsed, and the divorce petition was prepared.

It was strange for Wendy to feel ‘in charge’ of her own life.  Able to use her computer without hiding, able to apply to Law School without feeling she was putting her head in a noose.


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