Oliver's Odyssey – 48

When that third year passed, and Wendy became a citizen, she was able, with the help of her police friends, to put her plan into operation.

Dominic, the eldest, who hated his father, was more than willing to participate.

On Friday, Oliver’s usual day of violence, he arrived home. He unlocked the door, closed it behind him. His eyes scoured the room.  None of his protocols had been followed.

Wendy knew how things were supposed to be.  Obviously, she wanted to be disciplined.

He took a breath and stepped towards his wife, she backed up. Focused on his victim, Oliver didn’t see Dominic scurry behind him and open the door.

As he gave Wendy the first  blow, knocking her across the room, the police stomped in, grabbed him and dragged him out.  

He shouted for Wendy to no avail.

The police tossed him in the patrol car, and drove to the station.  He was processed and placed in a cell.

Oliver actually believed Wendy would rush in to tell them it was a mistake.


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Written by jaylar

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