Oliver's Odyssey – 46

Wendy’s friendship with the police officer blossomed, and she was introduced to a number of other officers.  They gave various methods as to how she could avoid abuse.   

Wendy was surprised to find there were pamphlets and various groups which dealt with the issue. 

She knew not to carry the pamphlets home and only attend a meeting when certain Oliver would not find out.

The police  were aware that as Wendy lived in her ‘own’ house with no close neighbour or friends, Oliver could take out his frustrations on her and the children.  They suggested many strategies to boost Oliver’s ego which she could put into practice.

It was defined that it was hard for Oliver, a genius in his own mind, to be treated as just one of many High School teachers.

This ‘insult’ provoked his need to show his ‘power’.

Wendy and the older boys worked hard to avoid Oliver’s violence.  Dominic and Andrew hated their father, but learned how to behave as if they gave him homage.

The baby, Ronald, was too young to appreciate the horrors of home life.


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