Oliver's Odyssey – 42

Oliver, his wife, Wendy and their children resided in a house owned by Oliver’s mother which also housed his Aunt Zel and her husband.

Having lived with Oliver for a number of years, Wendy knew to get what she wanted. All she had to do was express the ‘anti’ of her desire.

Because Wendy wanted her own house, she pretended she was comfortable living in the slummy house with Zel and her husband. Often when Oliver came from work he would ‘catch’ her and the boys in Zel’s company.

If she said anything, Wendy would smile and claim that Zel was a deputy mother.  

Considering the close quarters, if he tried to beat her or the boys Zel  could intervene.

In just under two years, Oliver took a mortgage and bought a house in both their names about a mile away.  He didn’t put Wendy’s name on the title out of kindness or proof of his love, he did it as if he were some big millionaire needing to cut his assets.

Oliver had to  pay a mortgage. Wendy was going to suggest that she  work, assuming he would reject it.  However, she was again pregnant.

Oliver wanted to berate her but realised it was his fault for not using a condom.


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