Oliver's Odyssey – 41

Beginning in her first year in America, Wendy played the docile wife.   She had to put up with Oliver for three years before she would be able to apply for citizenship.   She had to survive, her children had to protected from his abuse.

Wendy  counted each day from  gaining  her ‘green card’.

Each morning, when Oliver was gone and the older boys were at school,  Wendy would go to the closet, take up her laptop,  get online, and do a great deal of  professional study.  

When (not if) she entered law school in America she would be ahead of her classmates.

Oliver had no idea Wendy was computer literate any more than he had known that she had obtained her University degree.  

Wendy, aware Oliver was a violent brutal pig of a man, let him think he ruled and could ‘think rings around her’, (his expression).   In this way, she avoided many beatings, arguments, and kept her life secret.


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Written by jaylar


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