Oliver's Odyssey – 34

For Oliver, marrying Wendy was like buying a car.  No longer did he have to take a bus or rely on lifts.   Having his own car gave him freedom and control.  That was how he saw Wendy;  she was his property.

He wanted her to get pregnant as soon as possible, although she wanted to finish university.  

To Oliver, getting Wendy pregnant wasn’t having a family, it was fastening a chain around her neck.  It would be forcing her to give up any dream she had of a profession and stay home.   Stay home as his personal maid.

Wendy was  able to complete the semester and enter her third year before Oliver got her pregnant.  She completed that  year but had to take a leave of absence for Oliver demanded she stay home and raise his son.

Although his statement sounded as common as other men might make, that is not exactly what Oliver desired.

He did not want an independent, educated woman who could get a better job than he had.   A woman who had her own money and was not dependent on him.   He wanted someone he owned.   Someone totally dependent on him.


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